Reorg part II: There is no longer a “news/newest” section on this site…. I thought the name NEW(e)S(t) was clever, but to others I think it was confusing.

New ALA today. Zeldman is also developing a new, somewhat intriguing project called Independents Day: it will be a worldwide event “celebrating independent content and design from Toledo to Timbuktu.” Perhaps IDo is, in part, a response to Reboot. [Good design and content development really doesn’t need sponsorship… though trendy, “style-y,” ostensibly high-concept sites may need cash to exist.]

Clearly, my thoughts are not yet crystallized on the matter.

* * *

Via Jason Kottke, a person whose name is merely 3 letters different than mine, whose weblog is ten billion times more famous than mine, and who seems to be several steps ahead of me (as a weblog pioneer and former Minneapolis resident), mentions that Neil Gaiman wrote a touching entry on his own weblog about Douglas Adams. It’s true: it was touching. Reading on, though, I discovered that Gaiman was recently in the comic shop I frequent… does he live in Minneapolis? And, the author is going to be doing a show with the Magnetic Fields (an incredible band) in New York in June…. wow. [Thanks, Jason.]