How can I say “here are some links” in a compelling fashion?

“[T]his notion that voluntary programs alone will work to address global warming in the utility sector is a farce”.

You heard it here first: Noam Chomsky has a blog.

Confused about what’s going on in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries in that area of the world? So is Scout, which is why he’s bloggin the Stans.

Speaking of oddly named nation states, I’ve created one. It’s a minor diversion but a very clever way to sell a book.

Is your house messy? I admit I’ve reached second degree squalor.




some more links

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  1. I hover right around first-degree squalor or slightly cleaner, these days… and looking at the photos on that website, damn, I’ve never gone that far.

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