This guy is doing amazing work: Joshua Micah Marshall’s Talking Points Memo.

Cheesy but good: Visualize winning.

Later in this post: some photos. They’re nice. See them by following this link:

Speaking of winning, I’m going back to Milwaukee to volunteer for the Environmental Victory Project—most likely getting identified Kerry supporters to the polls—from October 30 through November 2. I am very excited to be going out there to do, for a prolonged period, what I think is the most important thing for me to be doing at this time. (This weekend, I will probably walk precincts for an Assembly candidate running against a weak incumbent with a 0% environmental score.)

Yesterday, I put up a pretty damn good article I helped research and write on the CLCV web site. I’ve also been sending out some great e-newsletters, if I do say so myself, since I wrote and designed them with minimal help other than editing (August, August II, September, October). I’ll have a large role in producing the next print newsletter and, I hope, some significant input into this year’s California Environmental Scorecard as well.

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I’m extremely glad (and impressed) the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS last night after being down 3-0. I don’t like the Red Sox much (though they do have a couple former Twins I like), but I can’t stand the Yanks.

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Taken recently (sorry for the long download times; it’s easier than doing it the way I usually do it):

138 rubber chickens hanging at SBC Park

Each time Barry Bonds was intentionally walked this season, putting him on first base for free rather than risking a home run, San Francisco Giants employees hoisted another rubber chicken at SBC Park in San Francisco. [Bonds set a record for intentional walks this year with 120; looks like Giants officials were counting “unintentional intentional walks,” where the guy pitches around Barry with no intention of giving him anything to hit. Or maybe they were counting total walks at home, since he racked up 232 walks all season, another record.] 9/21/04.

drive-through liquor store

The world’s most idiotic convenience: a drive-through liquor store. Monroe, Michigan, 9/7/04.

blurred liquor store shelves

Possibly a common view of the drive-through liquor store. Monroe, Michigan, 9/7/04.

jason on Bay Area Rapid Transit train

On BART 9/1/04.

more trees, more fog

At Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland hills early in the morning, 8/25/04.

trees in the morning fog

At Joaquin Miller Park. Did I mention it was 7:56 am?

rays of sunlight through trees

At Joaquin Miller Park.

the sign says 'reforestation project' in front of a tree stump

Clearly, the reforestation project at Joaquin Miller Park was wildly successful.

I have all kinds of good pictures from my trips to Santa Cruz (May), Reno (August), and the Midwest (September), but just haven’t had time to post them. Patience is a virtue, especially when you’re dealing with me.