Month: December 2000

I think I hate Google

Okay, I think I hate Google. It’s too good.

For example: today is my first ex-girlfriend’s 25th birthday. It happened to occur to me to put her name into Google. Sure enough, there were pictures and stuff that brought back all kinds of buried memories. Uncomfortable. Worse, Google somehow got a hold of some stuff I wrote in 1996 I completely forgot about. Overall, not too shameful, but not fun, either. It’s my fault for searching, I admit, but their fault for finding too much.

beginnings are a struggle

A quick entry as I struggle to get this thing started. I spent a couple hours on Atom Films today. It offers independent short films and, though heavy on the bandwidth, it’s fun to watch and submit critiques—instant gratification all around! [My friend Will, a filmmaker himself, says it sucks, though, and you should go to ifilm instead. I’ve never been there though.]

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