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WordPress 5 and me

The fact that this post exists and that you can see it is a win.

As of yesterday it was only half a victory, because none of the links worked, but I got something together today.

See, I have this site set up in a weird way. [Prepare for a slightly technical explanation.] In the early days of WordPress, if you wanted to keep your root directory tidy, you could install the files in a “wordpress” directory and have the URL be the root directory. That’s pretty funny now, given what a disaster my root directory currently is.

Anyway, the decision I made to do that in 2007, on this, the site of my first WordPress install, seems to have introduced some complications 11 years later. I was having problems with permalinks and .htaccess, but I seem to have ironed them out with a fresh install, a nice new theme designed by someone else, and a final .htaccess modification to ensure old URLs work.

The next question is this: will I update the site now that it’s relatively stable again? No one knows.

402 posts in 10 1/2 years…

or about 3.2 posts per month. That seems right.

(And this is after importing my NaNoWriMo blog entries and my “Unfinished Thoughts” from my abortive tumblelog at

Where have I been?

As a general partner of Brainwash Movies, which has been the case for a couple years, I am involved in pretty much everything that goes on surrounding the 16th Annual Brainwash Drive-in Bike-in Walk-in Movie Festival in Oakland. It’s fun and very unique; everyone who can go should go!

Just in the last several months, we have viewed over 80 submissions of mostly short, sometimes weird, always independent movies, totaling 30 hours. We judged those movies in June and chose 4 1/2 hours (22 shorts and one feature) to show on August 7, 13, and 14. It could be our best show yet (but I say that every year). I was one of three people to decide which movies to show and which order to show them in. I also laid out the initial version of our printed program and promotional flyer. Next I need to do major updates to the website and our Facebook page (so far, I’ve just scratched the surface).

Also, the San Francisco Improv Festival (headed up by the awesome folks what brought you Crisis Hopkins) hired me to set up WordPress on their brand-new site and to convert someone else’s design to a WordPress theme. I did so and it went well. I plan to continue to do improvements on their site, assuming they don’t think my rates are exorbitant (which they really aren’t).

This on top of a ridiculous amount of work at CLCV (including a big website redesign that will launch sometime this summer) and trying to take some time for myself (including a very nice but too brief 8-day vacation in Milwaukee & Chicago). One of these days I’ll post a bunch of shots on my flickr page (stay tuned).

That’s the update — check out Brainwash and SFIF in August! It’ll be more than worth your time and the very reasonable cost of admission.

WordPress 2.8 is out!

I upgraded this blog to the newest version of WordPress today. WordPress is so awesome and it’s totally free.

This site is built on it, as is my work blog, and I plan to upgrade another site by basing it on WordPress.

I really should get finishing putting my notes up from WordCamp, if only for completist purposes. Last week was a rough week, though — I was (and still am) getting over the flu, while at the same time I was preparing for CLCV’s big fundraising event (which really went well, but very well could be the last of its style. It was a sit-down dinner with an hour or two of people talking, as opposed to a cocktail party-type atmosphere that maximizes schmooze time; that may be more what the people want). And now this week we had a couple budget-related staffing changes, a big strategery meeting (yes, I said “strategery”), and I’m still getting over the flu. I also have lots of Brainwash-related stuff to do.

*Who’s* following me?

Governor Schwarzenegger? Seriously? (Why?)

Hi, Jason L. Gohlke.

Gov. Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger) is now following your updates on Twitter.

A little information about Gov. Schwarzenegger:

359 updates
following 56370 people

You may follow Gov. Schwarzenegger as well by clicking on the “follow” button on their profile. You may also block Gov. Schwarzenegger if you don’t want them to follow you.

The Twitter Team

Turn off these emails at:

Last week’s rainbow (+ annoying meta-blogging)

(or I could just post highlights of the pictures I take, viz.🙂

Rainbow over the East Bay

That’s one of the problems with this blog — I never really decided what I wanted to focus on, among all of the things that I have random thoughts about. Focus on specific topics isn’t really the problem, though; rather, I haven’t disciplined myself to avoid commenting on other sites (i.e. giving my content away for free) and instead simply post my thoughts here. If I just took everything I actually wrote on other sites and posted it here, I might actually have something.

Upgrade complete.

I appear to have messed something up in my upgrade from WordPress 2.3.3 to WordPress 2.6. Bear with me.

Edit: Hmm, no, turns out it’s a bug having to do with permalink structures. And my search form was out of date. But those two things have been fixed, I think.

Twitterfeed is go.

Okay, well, now I’m giving myself a reason to have a Twitter account, and for anyone to follow me on Twitter: As of now, this humble blog’s feed is now going to be pushed to Twitter via twitterfeed. It only makes sense. (Method copied shamelessly from Aziz.)

Just in time for Netroots Nation.

It seems I’ve launched the new site.

I guess I just decided to go ahead and launch the new site, moving it out of the wordpress directory and into the root directory (which seems somewhat analogous to getting it out of my dreams and into my car).

Yeah, so, here it is. I’m still dragging all the old entries into the database, for posterity’s sake, I guess, and because I’m a completist. And I am disabling the links page because I haven’t finished styling it or updating it with actual links. But, hey, now you can comment on my blog entries.

Oh, yeah, did I say “blog entries”? Yep. The anti-blog is dead; long live the blog. Read the old rationale.

Importing old entries

Wow, pasting old anti-blog entries into this blog is quite a blast from the past. I’m trying to work from the past to the present, which is creating (so far) a big gap between a huge chunk of old entries and the few new entries I’ve added.

It is also reminding me how often I wrote in the old days, before I got old and jaded. Stuck in the youthfully exuberant entries from 2001 and 2002, I can only take solace in how little I’ve written in the last few years (meaning there’s less to paste into the “Write Post” screen).

Also, I wasn’t in the habit of titling my entries back then… but WordPress doesn’t work too well if you don’t give each post a title. So now I’m titling blog entries that I wrote 6 years ago. Weird.

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