Month: August 2007

I don’t know how I missed this

About a year ago, Forbes said Milwaukee was the hardest-drinking city in America.

Hey, I didn’t need Forbes to tell me that about my hometown.

It makes me proud, really.

[I like the quote from “Lips” LaBelle, too. I can’t believe he’s still DJing on WKTI. I remember him from when I first started listening to the radio at age eight (that would be 24 years ago).]

The transit dilemma

Sacramento River Cats Logo

Say you wanted to go from Oakland, California to Sacramento, California, a distance of 80 miles, to catch a Friday night Sacramento Rivercats game. (They’re a minor-league baseball team.) And you wanted to take public transit and come back the same night. That seems possible.

Phasing out “E-modified”


“The Road to Clarity”, on, relates the story of the development of Clearview, the newish font system designed to improve the legibility of America’s highway signs.

Though it appears to me that adoption has been slow (have you seen this typeface on highway signs? Maybe I’m just hardly ever on the highway), it makes me happy that

  1. someone competent is designing typefaces for highway signs, and
  2. someone is writing about it in the New York Times.

A problem for the Democrats

From Karl who? White House downplays Rove’s role in the LA Times:

“He controlled a great deal of the real estate and no matter how the White House spins his departure, the truth is that he leaves a gaping hole inside the White House,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist who has forged a friendship with Rove despite years of combat.

Honestly, this is exactly the problem with Washington campaign consultants. They’re incestuous.

Brazile was Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000. Gore 2000 was possibly the worst-run campaign for president in my lifetime, in which he ran away from the popular incumbent president and ran away from what he actually cared about (the environment and global warming, in which he was far ahead of his time). I don’t know what she’s won since then. And now she’s described in the media as a friend of Karl Rove? Yeesh.

The sooner we can get rid of this brand of Democratic consultant (see also James Carville and Mary Matalin), the better.

Another fan of death

Well, well. Apparently some other bloodthirsty, self-promoting neocon thinks that we need another 9/11 to “save” America. Watch. Learn.

Chicago, that toddlin’ town

As for me, I was in Chicago for 10 days recently… I went to Yearly Kos (soon to be renamed the “Netroots Nation” convention) and then spent 6 days doing very little except for enjoying blissful summer vacation fun.

I got to see Kim & Dave & young Eli (all of whom are going to be moving back to the Bay Area next month), Amber, and my mom. This after unexpectedly getting to hang out with other East Bay activist types at Yearly Kos, which was nice.

Lots of good pictures to follow at some point.

Amber & Jason on the 96th floor

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