Month: June 2009

Birthday observations

You may or may not be aware that some of the hippie types in Northern California are not fans of common expressions that involve cruelty to animals. The most common expression I’ve heard transformed since moving to the charming little enclave known as the Bay is “to kill two birds with one stone.”

Not cool, not cool at all: Better to say (and I’ve heard people say these unironically–and I must admit I have used one of them) “feed two birds with one seed” or “free two birds with one key.” (I just heard someone attempt to use “pet two rabbits with one hand” the other day, but that seems to miss the mark somewhat.)

I have my own modest proposal, which all must indulge since it is in fact my birthday. I used the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back” on Friday (for reasons I won’t get into here). I propose a new, cruelty-free variant: “the plaster that set the camel’s full-body cast.”

WordPress 2.8 is out!

I upgraded this blog to the newest version of WordPress today. WordPress is so awesome and it’s totally free.

This site is built on it, as is my work blog, and I plan to upgrade another site by basing it on WordPress.

I really should get finishing putting my notes up from WordCamp, if only for completist purposes. Last week was a rough week, though — I was (and still am) getting over the flu, while at the same time I was preparing for CLCV’s big fundraising event (which really went well, but very well could be the last of its style. It was a sit-down dinner with an hour or two of people talking, as opposed to a cocktail party-type atmosphere that maximizes schmooze time; that may be more what the people want). And now this week we had a couple budget-related staffing changes, a big strategery meeting (yes, I said “strategery”), and I’m still getting over the flu. I also have lots of Brainwash-related stuff to do.

how david beat goliath

Malcolm Gladwell column about how David beat Goliath. (I’m a fan of the little guy.)

[Note: this is the last entry in a series of entries, categorized “Unfinished Thoughts”, which were originally posted to ostensibly to blog about later. But, the vast majority never saw until July 2010.]

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