Month: July 2007

Spammers finally get it right

Look, they finally guessed right on a friend’s name:

spammers guess right: Nicholas T.

But of course, I knew it was spam anyway because it was among many other pieces of spam constructed similarly (first name and middle initial).

[MoveOn, Friendster, and the Squid List… yep, all spam.]

Up, Down, Who Cares?

I’m a dork.

Oh, crap

I just joined Facebook, after having joined MySpace within the last week.

Am I a clueless thirty-something hanger-on desperately reaching out for any connection I can find? That’s for you to decide. I don’t think so, though. I joined them for work and politics (despite my desire to divest myself of it), and I guess to keep in touch/get in touch with friends. But they’ll probably be pretty abandoned for the most part.

Politics and Me

I initially intended to write this as part of my “other projects” page. When I noticed how long it was getting, however, I realized (to my astonishment) that I was actually writing a blog entry.

I have decided to stop doing politics outside of work. Though that decision may be a big surprise to some people, it’s what I need to do now, and maybe permanently.

The Aargh Page

Wow, pretty self-explanatory, perhaps: The Aargh Page. It’s not exactly currently accurate, but that’s okay. I’m just really glad someone came up with this idea and executed it.

The A’s-Brewers connection

According to Four Blocks to Miller Park, a Milwaukee Brewers blog, there’s a connection between my two favorite baseball teams (the Brewers and the Oakland A’s) that I hadn’t previously considered:

…if it weren’t for the Royals, or more specifically, Charley O. Finley’s screwing of Kansas City (by unceremoniously yanking the A’s out of town) that compelled the American League to grant the city the expansion Royals, it’s a safe bet the Brewers would not exist (the only reason the American League okayed the risky venture that was the original Seattle franchise was to create schedule balance).

I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s interesting.

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