Month: May 2002

growing pains

I finally took some mirror pictures I felt okay about sending to the Mirror Project, and they were accepted!

The launch of the new DNR web site hasn’t been entirely easy—unsurprisingly. We’ve had LDAP problems, difficulty with too many simultaneous requests, and various other unexpected behaviors. Growing pains, I guess.

I take back anything bad I said about my softball team. We won earlier tonight by a score of something like 17-8. We’re now 2-2 and have matched our victory total from last year. Even better, unlike last season, we beat two different teams.

if the DNS is accurate…

We’ve secretly replaced the old DNR web site with Folger’s Crystals.

completely true

I recently unearthed a transcript of the following dialogue from the large pile that constantly occupies my desk.

Scene: 6:37 pm, 11/15/01. On a plane about to take off from Minneapolis and fly to Columbus, OH.

Hat enthusiast: Is this your hat? [displays hat he’s pulled out of the overhead compartment]

Guy on his way home from Hawaii nods.

Hat enthusiast: I’d suggest you carry it on your lap. It might get crushed if you keep it up there—I know from experience.

Guy on his way home from Hawaii: Well, it’s made it all the way from Hawaii okay.

Hat enthusiast: Well, once I get my gear up there, we’ll see if there’s any room for it.

Guy on his way home from Hawaii is speechless.

Hat enthusiast puts his gear up there.

[Completely true.]

We’re number 5,278,249. We try harder.

Today was a good e-mail day.

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A site called Alexa, run by the kind folks who bring you, ranks 5,278,249.

If you believe Zeldman’s claim that there are about 5 billion sites out there, my site ranks among the top 0.2% most popular sites!

But wait. My site is almost three hundred thousand sites behind the five millionth most popular site out there. That’s not so good.

I can see it now: “We’re number 5,278,249. We try harder.”

boot and reboot were in ein Boot

This site has been “rebooted“—that is, redesigned. I was, as you may have noticed, on the way to doing so anyway. Yes, though I have much else to say, and do, I finished redesigning the site and joined many other web designers in the “community event” known as “Reboot.” I needed to do it anyway; I simply used the Reboot “event” as a catalyst.

Last year, Reboot was much more obviously corporately sponsored (as I noted), which would normally make me think twice about participating. I thought about launching early in protest, but what’s 5 hours…?

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Say, what do I owe you? Not that I’m obligated to write about anything, but here’s a synopsis of what I might have written about last month:

  • My love for the band Of Montreal is so great I would physically fight for them
  • My admiration of Las Vegas has waned; however, the Grand Canyon is humbling and awe-inspiring
  • Minnesota’s weather is more dysfunctional than corporate America
  • My softball team is as bad this year as it was last spring

(Really, why say more?)

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Harvested from MetaFilter: “Things my girlfriend and I have argued about,” by Mil Millington, is pretty damn hilarious. [Note: the URL that used to be linked here was “”. How far Mil has come.]

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