Month: July 2004

other people’s words

Scout‘s post and Bob Harris‘ post on This Modern World follow my last one nicely. (And frighteningly.)

what’s black and white and Rove all over?

I’ve been saying for a couple months that I give November’s election a 50-50 chance of actually happening [I wish I’d posted it on this site], and look: from Yahoo and from CNN. So if the Bushies can’t win it, they’re going to cancel it?

If this doesn’t have Karl Rove’s name written all over it, I don’t know what does.


Wow, it’s already July 3rd. I spent much of June preparing to move, which ended successfully. I now have a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Oakland, just 7/10 of a mile from work, more convenient to public transportation (about the same distance from the TransBay bus, and much closer to BART), and no longer on a hill. No roommates, also, for the first time ever. Freedom! (Well, of course, I have to make sure not to annoy my neighbors in this 30-something-unit building.) I need to get a few things to make it a truly functional place, such as, among many other things, lighting for the living room, but eventually it will be pretty much ideal. I plan on staying for a while.

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