Month: February 2007

It seems I’ve launched the new site.

I guess I just decided to go ahead and launch the new site, moving it out of the wordpress directory and into the root directory (which seems somewhat analogous to getting it out of my dreams and into my car).

Yeah, so, here it is. I’m still dragging all the old entries into the database, for posterity’s sake, I guess, and because I’m a completist. And I am disabling the links page because I haven’t finished styling it or updating it with actual links. But, hey, now you can comment on my blog entries.

Oh, yeah, did I say “blog entries”? Yep. The anti-blog is dead; long live the blog. Read the old rationale.

Importing old entries

Wow, pasting old anti-blog entries into this blog is quite a blast from the past. I’m trying to work from the past to the present, which is creating (so far) a big gap between a huge chunk of old entries and the few new entries I’ve added.

It is also reminding me how often I wrote in the old days, before I got old and jaded. Stuck in the youthfully exuberant entries from 2001 and 2002, I can only take solace in how little I’ve written in the last few years (meaning there’s less to paste into the “Write Post” screen).

Also, I wasn’t in the habit of titling my entries back then… but WordPress doesn’t work too well if you don’t give each post a title. So now I’m titling blog entries that I wrote 6 years ago. Weird.

California budget analysis released

Robert Salladay blogs California politics at the LA Times. He writes that — surprise, surprise — according to the Legislative Analysts’ Office, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was overly optimistic in his budget predictions.

WordPress is awesome.

I’m going to be able to administer everything using the WordPress interface, including all of the pages that are not blog pages, and my list of links.

I’m pretty psyched about that. This thing is getting closer and closer to launch. Maybe this weekend.

What’s up with Gohlkus Maximus?

Oh, well, you know.

I’m finally finishing the WordPress template. I’ve had the redesign done for about six months (enough time to start questioning some aspects of it).

Beyond redesigning (which I actually haven’t done in about 3 years), the main reason to install WordPress is to allow me to simply post entries to the blog without having to muck around with creating a new html file every time the month changes—which of course will remove a huge barrier to writing more often.

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