Month: January 2006

a big day

I just put up a ton of photos on Flickr. It’s less bandwidth-heavy than hosting all of my photos on this site, certainly easier to upload, and probably easier to navigate. If the tools are there, why not use them?

I’m posting this at 5 am. Haven’t gone to sleep yet. But I have a big day today—I am going to Oakland Fan Fest at the Coliseum from 10 am to 4 pm and then going to see Of Montreal at Bottom of the Hill later tonight.

National Pie Day!

At 11:15 pm on Monday, I was informed by the very credible “Culture Blog” (whatever) on that Monday was National Pie Day. At 11:15 pm. Damn it.

So Eric and I did what we had to do: we trekked down to Nation’s Giant Hamburgers and had pie. Mmm, delicious pie. At midnight, or just before. Thanks, National Pie Day.

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