Month: May 2005

Jason Gohlke is getting married

Well, folks, Jason Gohlke is getting married today. That’s right—you heard it here first. Tying the knot. Gettin’ hitched. Ye olde ball and chain.

Before you get upset, let me clarify:

got bag?

'got bag?' door sign

I’m a dork. I save plastic grocery bags because there’s no reason to get a new one every time I go to the store—it’s wasteful. However, every time I go to the store, I forget to grab one from my drawer of many bags. When I come home, I add the new bag or three to the already full drawer. How can I stop this repetitive pattern of destructive behavior?

The solution is simple. I designed a visually stark but effective [and clever] sign to tape to the back of my door. Now, when I leave for the store, I’ll be reminded not only that I need to go back and get a plastic bag, but also that I’m a dork.

You, too, can share this experience [except without the mild sense of accomplishment of having come up with the idea yourself]. Simply download the PDF version of the plastic grocery bag sign or the larger low-tech GIF version of the “got bag?” sign.

ponder this

What would happen if I did all the dishes?

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