Month: December 2003

on the presidential race

Finally saw Winged Migration last night. A good movie, but I saw it in Berkeley at the Elmwood Theater. The contradictory opinions some people have are amazing. For example, the scene in which people hunted geese with shotguns was met with hisses and disapproving gasps. The scene in which a bird hunted a fish with its beak was not. People, it’s essentially the same thing.

For the record, since I haven’t mentioned the presidential race since June, I’m for Howard Dean.

today’s thing

I had a nice last couple months; thanks for (ahem) asking. I went to Wisconsin to see the family for Thanksgiving. I plan to go back for Christmas and New Year’s, tentatively. [People in Madison and Chicago, be ready! Want to have a New Year’s party?]

I’ve also been hanging out with friends from work. We’ve been watching Hitchcock movies, including “The 39 Steps” yesterday. Fun!

Also, I’m [semi-] working on changes to this site—I honestly plan to put up my last year’s worth of pictures. There are just so many, though; it takes a long time, especially if I want to add captions. I’ll just have to cut down the number. I’m also working hard on the CLCV web redesign. I have a meeting with the ad hoc redesign committee next Friday to pick a design direction. From a graphic design perspective, this project should turn out at least as well as the DNR redesign of [geez] 2 years ago (though it’s an overall feat of much less magnitude, it’s as significant to my portfolio at this point).

Standing invitations to the Bay Area for all, by the way… it is beautiful here in the winter. Beautiful. Sure, it rains a little, but today I was a little too warm wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. It’s paradise, really.

Today’s thing: After an extended break, I’m back. Today’s thing is that I think I’m going to implement a daily feature called “Today’s Thing” on the homepage. I will update it each day. (We’ll see.)

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