Month: March 2004

Richard who?

One Republican’s take on Richard Clarke.

ides of march

Okay, okay, I’m back. Sheesh. Don’t all clamor for news at once.

I suppose I ought to do a post-mortem of my Howard Dean experience. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the heart to do that, since it was ultimately fairly disappointing to me. You can look at the pictures I took here. Unfortunately, they’re in reverse chronological order and don’t have titles. Ah, well.

Incidentally, since Dean dropped out of the presidential race, I’ve concentrated on the main task at hand in my life: finishing the CLCV web redesign. It’s basically done, though there is still some tweaking necessary. I’m proud of it, though, and impressed by the independence and efficiency of my work (and, yes, I do say so myself).

I do, of course, urge you to vote for John Kerry for President in November, for reasons I hardly need to elucidate.

The weather here has been spectacular and my taxes are done. That’s good. However, my bike’s derailleur kind of self-destructed Saturday (I think it’s fixable) and I’m running for staff representative to the CLCV Board of Directors (in what is turning out to be an outrageously excessively political process, unsurprisingly). All in all, an okay Ides of March.

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