Month: January 2004

an incomplete post edited for clarity

The Dean volunteer experience is hitting a few snags. I submitted a volunteer form on the New Hampshire for Dean website, but haven’t heard back, and it’s been tough to get any straight answers from the campaign.

going to NH

Below I’ve reproduced my first post to, the unofficial Dean Nation blog. One of the main contributors to the blog is my old dorm-mate from college, Aziz, who asked if I would guest blog during my New Hampshire volunteer experience. With 3,000 page views a day, how could I say no?

liars and gamblers

I found out this week, as reported by Wired News and a San Antonio paper, that a key provision of the former Patriot II Act (which would have allowed lots of new violations of our freedom in the name of stopping terrorism) was passed as part of the funding bill for intelligence agencies (which is kept secret as a matter of course).

Long rant continues:


2004 brings a vast (but humble) new repository of site content. Finally, I’ve organized many of the photos I’ve taken over the last 6 months (since getting a digital camera and then a camera phone) and posted them on the site. None of them saw Photoshop at all, and the html is straight from iPhoto, but hey—they’re up.

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