Month: June 2005

equanimity and joy

Somehow it seems to have become my 30th birthday. I am approaching it with equanimity and, actually, a fair amount of joy. Things are going well. I am in the driver’s seat of my life and I like it.

My long-time friend Will now has a “vlog” (“video log,” of course), which is excellent. The best possible thing I could have woken up to today (after getting some nice calls yesterday) was Will’s entry for my birthday. All I can say is thanks. What a great, great guy.

Watch the video here or here:

items of significance

Happy Flag Day! Happy Boy George’s birthday (he’s 44).

Al Franken Nails Bill O’Reilly, Again—really just a perfect example of how egregious Fox News is, as if we didn’t already know.

In other news, as of Saturday, it’s official: This is my last month of canvassing. My web site and communications work at CLCV will now be full-time rather than half-time, and I leave the membership department after 2 years of phone prospecting and about 9 months of renewing current members. I can’t believe I lasted that long as a canvasser. It’s a tough job. I’m pretty excited about the change, because I’ll have a chance to accomplish even more.

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