Month: March 2002

vote of confidence

Gotta love this vote of confidence in our governments (from the readers of this article at

97% of respondents to an online survey do not trust what politicians say.

I, for one, am not surprised.

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I think that Memepool linked to this anti-war site sarcastically, but I think it’s really powerful.

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100 things not to do in Milwaukee brings me back to my childhood, but not as much as 100 Milwaukee memories.

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I can’t believe I read the whole thing: Someone has reviewed Radiohead’s brilliant album Amnesiac song by song. His review is a nice example of what the web can do and a damn interesting read. Start with the first song and access the rest from his archive page. It helps if you’re listening to the album while you’re reading it. (It really helps if you have it and Kid A in your MP3 library.)

a screwed-up definition of classic rock

I am now officially old.

I just turned on the radio and heard R.E.M.’s “The One I Love”. At age 12, when that song was on the charts, I purchased a copy of it as a 45 RPM vinyl single. (I still have it.) That admission dates me somewhat, but here’s the real cause of my irrational angst: I heard “The One I Love” on Minneapolis’ classic rock station. Classic rock.

Wait—am I old, or does WLOL just have a screwed-up definition of “classic rock”? I always thought it was stuff like Foreigner, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, and Bob Seger. (The music of my parents’ generation.)

Oh… a station ID just informed me that they call their format “classic hits.” I guess that gives them license to play old alterna-indie-college rock alongside Grand Funk Railroad and Queen. It’s not bad; it’s just weird. And, undoubtedly, angst-inducing for twenty-somethings all over the Twin Cities metro area.

landed with a thud

I’ve been spending way too much time on Metafilter. (It feels like I’m being unfaithful to you somehow, dear reader; I’m deeply sorry.)

But look what I found there:

Do you forgive me? (Sure you do.)

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Today about 8 inches of snow landed on the Twin Cities with a thud and a few thunderclaps. I feel relieved (and somewhat smug) that I chose today to exercise my right to telecommute on occasion.

for conspiracy buffs, mostly

I did say no to something. That was necessary.

I haven’t quite finished anything, but no matter—I will. I did find The Emperor’s New Clothes.

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