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Thoughts on a three-page ballot (photo illustration)

Commons Comic: original image from Flickr commons

Thoughts of Brainwash (photo illustration)


Just for fun.

To remind myself

I take a fair number of pictures, some of them good enough to put on the wall.

This New York Times article links to several services that will print your photos in a variety of formats (from 8×10 prints to giant vinyl cutouts). Good to remember.

Refill only with Kikkoman

This is one thing I did the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, during the week in which I was failing to clean my apartment.


I had a bit of a brainstorm after washing out this Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. I always have a few soy sauce packets around left over from Suruki’s take-out sushi (it’s usually packaged with two packets but I only ever use one). I never really know what to do with them other than toss them in the fridge (or add them to the pile of random detritus on the coffee table). But one of the things that always amuses me (if only me) is the strident command on the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle to REFILL it ONLY WITH KIKKOMAN. (I used it for homemade vinaigrette for a while. Sorry, Kikkoman.)

The rest is documented photographically.

Last week’s rainbow (+ annoying meta-blogging)

(or I could just post highlights of the pictures I take, viz.🙂

Rainbow over the East Bay

That’s one of the problems with this blog — I never really decided what I wanted to focus on, among all of the things that I have random thoughts about. Focus on specific topics isn’t really the problem, though; rather, I haven’t disciplined myself to avoid commenting on other sites (i.e. giving my content away for free) and instead simply post my thoughts here. If I just took everything I actually wrote on other sites and posted it here, I might actually have something.

my view, in squigglevision

Four photos through distorted glass, animated. Click or tap the image below to toggle the (silly) animation (warning: may cause motion sickness).

the far horizon through poured glass

a big day

I just put up a ton of photos on Flickr. It’s less bandwidth-heavy than hosting all of my photos on this site, certainly easier to upload, and probably easier to navigate. If the tools are there, why not use them?

I’m posting this at 5 am. Haven’t gone to sleep yet. But I have a big day today—I am going to Oakland Fan Fest at the Coliseum from 10 am to 4 pm and then going to see Of Montreal at Bottom of the Hill later tonight.

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