Month: February 2009

Carol Gee’s Blog | Talking Points Memo | It’s a puzzlement . . .

A blog on TPM on transparency in the Obama administration.

How to put words on signs

Okay, sure, all this stuff is old news. But someone might not know.

Anyway, I was just pointed to, home of the Error Message Generator, Street Party Sign Generator, Highway Sign Generator, Gas Station Sign Generator, etc. The Wheel of Fortune puzzle generator is particularly amusing.

It’s similar to, which I already knew about (where you can generate church signs, movie marquees, vinyl records, bank signs, football jerseys, etc.), but different.

The humor potential is limitless. Also, we’re doomed.

President Please

Okay, so I saw “President, Please” on DailyKos, which means it’s automatically dunzo (as is, strangely enough, “dunzo”).

But I’m fine with being slightly behind the times, because I’m still ahead of 99.375% of everybody else.

A’s Crosby no “comeback” candidate

Despite Oakland A’s third baseman Eric Chavez’s attempt to support his teammate, “come back” and “have a great year” do NOT belong in the same sentence when it comes to Bobby Crosby.

Other than hitting 22 homers in his Rookie of the Year season, Crosby has never put up numbers anything better than pedestrian. So how can he “come back” if he basically hasn’t done anything?

Assuming he stays on the active roster, he’ll continue to hear the awesome derisive cheer my friend Nick W. has honed at a couple of dozen games during the last season or two.

Of course, Chavvy has every reason to be optimistic about his teammate’s chances of having a good year, because he himself is due for a big year. Both of these guys have been injured multiple times.

But, hey — these guys are on my adoptive home team, the A’s. I want them to do well. I just don’t think the chances are that great.

Yes, I am writing about baseball. Spring training has started. My World Baseball Classic semi-final and final ticket strips (to be held in Los Angeles in March) were delivered to my apartment today. And 27 A’s games (to which I have a ticket) aren’t far behind.

As many times as I’ve considered stopping following pro sports, I haven’t and probably won’t anytime soon. Going to baseball games relaxes me, and sports serves as one of the great social lubricants of our time. So – take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd. And so on.

I also sent in some money and “joined” Uni Watch today. Yes, I’m a dork.

[This is another in my new and, I hope, long-lived series of “if it rates a comment on another site, then it surely rates a blog entry” posts.]

Last week’s rainbow (+ annoying meta-blogging)

(or I could just post highlights of the pictures I take, viz.🙂

Rainbow over the East Bay

That’s one of the problems with this blog — I never really decided what I wanted to focus on, among all of the things that I have random thoughts about. Focus on specific topics isn’t really the problem, though; rather, I haven’t disciplined myself to avoid commenting on other sites (i.e. giving my content away for free) and instead simply post my thoughts here. If I just took everything I actually wrote on other sites and posted it here, I might actually have something.

Idea for a viral video

“When Co-workers Argue” (has an appropriately whimsical tone)
“When Co-workers Attack” (probably a little too serious)

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