Month: June 2006

“Lane Courtesy”—what a concept

Via The Capricious Commuter: The National Motorists Association has declared June National Lane Courtesy Month. I’ve written about how Minnesotans don’t relinquish the left lane to people who come up behind them who are driving faster than they are. (Californians are even worse, and Wisconsinites are completely unpredictable.) So here it is: a group that believes, “The lane courtesy ethic must be reinvigorated, promoted, and recognized for the contribution it can make toward safer, faster and more enjoyable travel.” Yes! (I’m not sure I agree with everything they stand for, but I’m certainly in favor of more “driver-to-driver courtesy.”)

Of course, I think it’s extremely unrealistic to expect people in this country to truly understand the ripple effects of their individual behavior. But we can dream.

[the living web is hibernating here]

Since I never do this, I thought I’d link to a how-to article to inspire myself: 10 tips on writing the living web. An ideal to aspire to.

walking precincts and taking off the pounds

Hey. I’ve been busy.

I’ve lost about 18 pounds or so in the last 3 months and one day that I’ve been doing the South Beach Diet thing. I have plateaued a little bit after some relatively rapid initial weight loss, but I’m keeping it all off. I think the key now is exercise. The trend overall for my health seems to be good.

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