Hey. I’ve been busy.

I’ve lost about 18 pounds or so in the last 3 months and one day that I’ve been doing the South Beach Diet thing. I have plateaued a little bit after some relatively rapid initial weight loss, but I’m keeping it all off. I think the key now is exercise. The trend overall for my health seems to be good.

A lot of my recent energy went into the June 6th primary election, at least my energy at work. I did a fairly pitiful amount of volunteering on my own time, though I kind of feel that “I give at the office.” I phonebanked once for Sandre Swanson, who won his primary to be the next Assemblymember for AD 16, which includes Oakland; he seems like a good guy and will be a very progressive vote. I also walked precincts once for Jerry McNerney, Democrat for Congress in CD 11, who now has to ramp up his longshot bid to defeat Richard Pombo, one of the biggest jerks in Congress. My friend Eden (from DFA) is working for McNerney’s campaign, and I promised him I would volunteer at least once for Jerry; I dutifully kept my promise, but I actually enjoyed precinct walking, as I usually do. I think I’ll try to do some more work for McNerney leading up to the November election, because it’s a hugely important race and I may actually be able to help.

Now that I know I’m not moving back to Minnesota (long story), I think I’m going to increase my involvement in the local Democratic party. I need to make sure I stay involved in the Assembly District committee, get re-elected as a delegate next year, and probably get involved in the local Democratic club as well, to make more contacts. I’ve lessened my involvement in the local Democracy for America group, even though I still go to the Meetups and strongly support the organization’s efforts.