Month: September 2003

tails of a quarter

Wisconsinites only, please: vote for your favorite Wisconsin quarter design. (I voted, of course, because I’m effectively a permanent Wisconsin resident for tuition purposes, according to state law.) I personally voted for the “Scenic Wisconsin” design, though I find none of them spectacular. I would be fairly disappointed if the clichéd cow/cheese one were to win. What am I saying? They’re all pretty clichéd. [Update: cow design wins. No surprise, in retrospect.]

Off to Washington, D.C. for four days as of tonight! Nick is already out east; I’ll be meeting him sometime Wednesday.


Opus returns. Excellent.

Also, did you know that Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives? Weird shit.

Do you ever export Word files into HTML? Tired of all the proprietary Microsoft crap that junks up your code? Use the Textism Word HTML Cleaner. It seems to work quite nicely. (Kudos to Dean of Textism.)

Finally: Jason’s first earthquake. I was at work when it happened—I definitely felt it and was pretty disoriented for a few seconds. Afterwards, the adrenaline kicked in. Pretty exciting stuff, I guess. No need to worry, people back home. Tornadoes and winter are at least as hazardous to one’s health as earthquakes.

things that suck

In honor of Nick, here are today’s Things that Suck.

  • Crying cats outside the bedroom window
  • A cat clawing the screen door and shaking it, loudly, repeatedly
  • Ants
  • Basements that smell like cat shit that require you to re-do your laundry
  • Windows NT used as a web hosting platform
  • Scabs (in any sense)

nothing really profound to say right now, which is okay, I guess

This recommendation from Amazon left me confused. How do those things I’ve purchased have anything to do with condoms? Do David Foster Wallace readers get laid more often than non-DFW readers? Or, more likely, are they more likely to buy condoms online? Or is there a semantic connection—are my purchases of “The Big One” and “A Supposedly Fun Thing…” somehow sexually suggestive to Amazon’s poor, overtaxed recommendations engine?

I have nothing really profound to say right now, which is okay, I guess. I wonder if that has anything to do with my recent decision to cut out caffeinated, sugary soda.

In completely unrelated news, I played a great deal of baseball on Saturday with co-workers and other friends, which was deeply fun. I was only sore for about 36 to 48 hours afterwards, which isn’t so bad, considering we played for roughly 5-6 hours (with a picnic break in between). I probably should have worn sunscreen. My family will be so impressed by my tan at Thanksgiving.

I’ve taken quite a few photos I’d like to post here but just haven’t taken the time to do so.

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