Month: July 2001

still valid? who knows?

Like me, have you been wondering what to do with your old cell phone? Donate it.

Ind. Day

Independence Day.

Independents Day.

dearth of insight

In a somewhat unnecessary time-saving move, I crafted about a week’s worth of anti-blog entries in advance. It may have saved me some time, but it did cost me a bit in accuracy. While I got much right (and admirably prevented myself from getting a couple things wrong), I still managed to incorrectly predict that the state of Minnesota would shut down.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the present rather than the former future. I’m actually writing this on July 3rd, 2001. (Yes, a few entries from the last few days were written in advance, but I’m done with that.)

Strangely, I don’t have a lot to say. [My stunts of the past week are evidence of my present dearth of deep insight and wisdom.]

I did enjoy myself in Chicago, however, and I’m having a great time in Columbus. I’ve seen fireworks twice since I left (on Thursday in Milwaukee and Saturday in Chicago), seen a couple movies and baseball games, watched cable, surfed the web…. why be away from home, you might ask? Well, at home I don’t have:

  1. cable
  2. Milwaukee’s Summerfest
  3. Taste of Chicago (Summerfest is better)
  4. The Chicago White Sox
  5. The Columbus Clippers
  6. importantly, the sense of perspective that comes with physical distance
  7. most importantly, my family and old friends with whom I can converse, hang out, and feel as myself.

I expect to go back refreshed and ready to work. On what, I’ll let you know.

* * *

Ooh, this is so cool. Want to go to Mars? As of now, you can’t. But in 2003, NASA will send a CD of names to Mars, for some reason, and yours can be on it, for free. [The offer is no longer valid as of January 2003.] You even get a nifty certificate to print and frame. I’m printing mine when I get home, though I probably won’t frame it.

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