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To remind myself

I take a fair number of pictures, some of them good enough to put on the wall.

This New York Times article links to several services that will print your photos in a variety of formats (from 8×10 prints to giant vinyl cutouts). Good to remember.

“How to Recycle Anything”

Courtesy of Real Simple.

Nothing profound, just a good link to have handy, especially at spring cleaning time.

I think I’m going to start posting more frequent links and shorter entries (you know, like a blog).

got bag?

'got bag?' door sign

I’m a dork. I save plastic grocery bags because there’s no reason to get a new one every time I go to the store—it’s wasteful. However, every time I go to the store, I forget to grab one from my drawer of many bags. When I come home, I add the new bag or three to the already full drawer. How can I stop this repetitive pattern of destructive behavior?

The solution is simple. I designed a visually stark but effective [and clever] sign to tape to the back of my door. Now, when I leave for the store, I’ll be reminded not only that I need to go back and get a plastic bag, but also that I’m a dork.

You, too, can share this experience [except without the mild sense of accomplishment of having come up with the idea yourself]. Simply download the PDF version of the plastic grocery bag sign or the larger low-tech GIF version of the “got bag?” sign.


Opus returns. Excellent.

Also, did you know that Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives? Weird shit.

Do you ever export Word files into HTML? Tired of all the proprietary Microsoft crap that junks up your code? Use the Textism Word HTML Cleaner. It seems to work quite nicely. (Kudos to Dean of Textism.)

Finally: Jason’s first earthquake. I was at work when it happened—I definitely felt it and was pretty disoriented for a few seconds. Afterwards, the adrenaline kicked in. Pretty exciting stuff, I guess. No need to worry, people back home. Tornadoes and winter are at least as hazardous to one’s health as earthquakes.

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