Oh, that’s the guy Bush is nominating for Attorney General. From the New York Times (emphasis added):

[Alberto] Gonzales was the author of one of the most contentious memorandums to surface in the furor that followed the disclosure of abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. In a draft memorandum to Mr. Bush in early 2002, he wrote that the fight against terrorism had rendered the Geneva Conventions “obsolete” in so far as those international accords safeguarded the way people suspected of terrorism should be interrogated. He also wrote that the conventions were “quaint” in that they afforded prisoners privileges like athletic uniforms and commissary rights.

While it remains unclear whether the memorandum ever reached a final form, the tone and breadth of it reflected the sweep of Mr. Gonzales’s legal thinking and what appears to be his willingness to adopt highly aggressive interpretations of the law in the fight against terrorism.