Month: May 2010

LOST: See you in another life, brotha (contains spoilers)

Even though I haven’t really discussed it in this space, I watched LOST. I saw every episode through season 5 at least twice, and watched all of Season 6 exactly once.

So if you don’t know or care about LOST — or don’t want to be spoiled on the ending! — DO NOT read any further! Again, SPOILER ALERT! (You have been warned.)

You know you’re in Oakland when…

You get into the Zipcar and it smells like weed.

Three games in two days, the third being perfect

I would be remiss to fail to write about this: On Sunday, I personally witnessed the 19th perfect game ever pitched in the 135 years of Major League Baseball history. It was phenomenal.

I was one of about 12,000 people who were privileged to be there when Dallas Braden, starting pitcher for the Oakland A’s, faced 27 Tampa Bay Rays and retired them all in succession, while the A’s offense delivered more than enough to win. (What a way to rebut the total lack of respect he got from Alex “A-Fraud” Rodriguez in just the last couple weeks.)

This after seeing the A’s win on Saturday, and then riding with Scott and Chris to Sacramento, where we saw the A’s AAA affiliate, the Sacramento River Cats, absolutely demolish the Colorado Sky Sox, 16-5. (And that following an awesome Crisis Hopkins show Friday night.)

What a weekend.

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More about the perfect game: I didn’t notice that Braden was pitching a no-hitter (much less a perfect game) until the friendly fellow A’s fan next to me mentioned it in the 6th. I was marginally annoyed that he would fly in the face of superstition so boldly (you don’t mention the no-hitter before it’s over!) but it did color my experience of the next three innings.

“Super Mario Bros. Crossover” flash game – Play as Mega Man??

Oh, my. Just visit:

It’s a Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo, except that you can play as Mega Man, the guy from Contra, Samus from Metroid, etc. etc. It really works.

Note (to all, including self): do not play at work.

Someone else’s Packers adventure in Madison, circa 1997

I’ve had this page open in a tab for a couple of weeks now and want to get rid of it, so I’m blogging it for posterity (and because it’s amusing, at least to me).

In 1997, the Packers played a preseason game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. (I lived there at the time, but this story has nothing to do with me.) Turns out one guy went to the stadium just to see if he could sneak in, after having heard of people sneaking into the Super Bowl.

Well, he made it, and the rest of the story is pretty funny. Check out Scott Schiller’s Packers Adventure.

Attn: Andy Samberg – your next (enviro) hit digital short?

To all the oil companies out there with a world to impress
It’s easy to do, just follow these steps:

  1. Spill some oil in the Gulf
  2. Put that oil in a box
  3. Pump that oil to a ship

And that’s the way you do it….

Hello, new WordCamp friends

Thank you for randomly clicking on my name. (Perhaps you enjoyed my Gravatar.)

WordPress is great, isn’t it? It allows me to blather inanely about a wide variety of topics without having to upload an HTML file in an FTP program every time I get the urge to write. (That’s how this site used to work.)

Anyway, enjoy your visit.

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