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My favorite spam username yet


*A failed attempt someone made to register for a site I administer, in order to spam it

Troll provides secret to defeating trolls

In “Malwebolence – The World of Web Trolling”, to be published in the next New York Times Magazine and available now online, a troll reveals the secret of how not to be trolled:

…the Theory of the Green Hair.

“You have green hair,“ he told me. “Did you know that?”

“No,” I said.

“Why not?”

“I look in the mirror. I see my hair is black.”

“That’s uh, interesting. I guess you understand that you have green hair about as well as you understand that you’re a terrible reporter.”

“What do you mean? What did I do?”

“That’s a very interesting reaction,” Fortuny said. “Why didn’t you get so defensive when I said you had green hair?” If I were certain that I wasn’t a terrible reporter, he explained, I would have laughed the suggestion off just as easily. The willingness of trolling “victims” to be hurt by words, he argued, makes them complicit, and trolling will end as soon as we all get over it.


Spammers finally get it right

Look, they finally guessed right on a friend’s name:

spammers guess right: Nicholas T.

But of course, I knew it was spam anyway because it was among many other pieces of spam constructed similarly (first name and middle initial).

[MoveOn, Friendster, and the Squid List… yep, all spam.]

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