Idea for a viral video

“When Co-workers Argue” (has an appropriately whimsical tone)
“When Co-workers Attack” (probably a little too serious)


Netroots Nation Salon: An Evening with Lawrence Lessig


Last week’s rainbow (+ annoying meta-blogging)


  1. Full_Blown_Bitchery

    Oh man, I witnessed that one. If ONLY I COULD HAVE SEEN THEM COME TO BLOWS!!!! I would pay serious cash to see them battle. They’re both …. well, maybe not both…. they’re both losers! I almost joined the attack myself!!!! I can’t wait to see the video—produce it ASAP!!

  2. I’ll be ready next time it happens.

    (Fisticuffs on a long-distance conference call would be a sight to behold.)

  3. Full_Blown_Bitchery

    Let’s kick everyone’s ass at our entire workplace!

    • Wow, that was a fast response.

      “Our” workplace? whatever could you mean?

      This may be the longest comment thread on any single post on this entire blog.

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