Well, folks, Jason Gohlke is getting married today. That’s right—you heard it here first. Tying the knot. Gettin’ hitched. Ye olde ball and chain.

Before you get upset, let me clarify: Jason F. Gohlke, my (semi-)​namesake in Texas, is getting married in Houston today.

How do I know this? Because a guy just called my cell phone and asked, “Are you getting married today?” He said his name was David something and that he was a photographer who is supposed to take pictures at Jason Gohlke’s wedding today. He Googled my name and found my cell phone number; he was subsequently surprised to find out that there was more than one Jason Gohlke. I said, “Well, there are at least two… I know there’s a Jason F. Gohlke in Texas.”

“Yep,” he said, “that’s the one.”

So, congratulations, Jason F. Gohlke. Well done. (I asked David to pass along my best wishes as well.)

I’m glad I answered that phone call. What an amusing way to end my Saturday (yes, it was 6 in the morning).

As for me, I have more mundane plans for the day; I’ll be playing baseball at Curt Flood Park in Oakland in about 4 hours and will cap off the evening at the A’s-Giants game at SBC Park in San Francisco. I would have considered going to see a cricket game somewhere today with Eric and his friend from Michigan, but I’d rather do that when I have a full day available.