It seems I’ve launched the new site.

I guess I just decided to go ahead and launch the new site, moving it out of the wordpress directory and into the root directory (which seems somewhat analogous to getting it out of my dreams and into my car).

Yeah, so, here it is. I’m still dragging all the old entries into the database, for posterity’s sake, I guess, and because I’m a completist. And I am disabling the links page because I haven’t finished styling it or updating it with actual links. But, hey, now you can comment on my blog entries.

Oh, yeah, did I say “blog entries”? Yep. The anti-blog is dead; long live the blog. Read the old rationale.


Importing old entries


Misty Sloan-colored memories

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  1. Okay, it appears I’ve imported everything from the old site into the database. (And when I say “imported,” I mean cut-and-pasted into a form, titled, given a timestamp, and submitted.)

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