This was the first Sloan show I ever went to, mere weeks after I moved to Minneapolis. [Sloan is a band I like.]

I tell the following story on that page, but there’s no reason to send you there now. I’d prefer that you keep reading this entry:

Anyway, I moved away from Minneapolis three years after that show, which had nothing to do with Sloan—or did it?

As I was driving home from work one day, black ice sent my car spinning off the road on a freeway on-ramp. [Weather was a major factor in my eventual move to California.] Neither the car nor I incurred damage, but the car got towed while I went to call for a tow truck.

Because the car got towed before I got back there in the tow truck I called, the hazard lights were never turned off, and because of that, the battery died.

When I finally got the car back, after paying the ransom and getting a jump-start, I turned on the stereo, and Between the Bridges was in the CD player. It started up right at the point in “A Long Time Coming” when Patrick sings, “And there’s a bullet with my name on it.”

Creepy, eh?