I fell on the ice today walking from the $17/mo “Blue Lot” to the DNR building. The building I fell in front of is rumored to be owned by the 3M Corporation, but may be currently for sale to the county (who plans to office cops there, I am told). The results:

  • 5 nasty cuts and one blood blister on my hands, including two on the tips of my touch-typist’s (now “ouch-typist’s”) fingers.
  • A sore shoulder, and wounded pride.
  • An hour and a half of nearly fruitless phone calling (and being forwarded, of course). I gave up in disgust when the 10th person I talked to gave me someone else’s number to call in her office. I still have a couple leads.
  • Extra driving to an after-hours clinic in St. Paul during a stressful snowstorm.
  • A tetanus shot in the already sore shoulder.
  • Most importantly, something to put in this spot on the website.

My advice, based on today’s events: Don’t slip on the ice, but if you do, make sure you’re wearing your gloves.