I upgraded this blog to the newest version of WordPress today. WordPress is so awesome and it’s totally free.

This site is built on it, as is my work blog, and I plan to upgrade another site by basing it on WordPress.

I really should get finishing putting my notes up from WordCamp, if only for completist purposes. Last week was a rough week, though — I was (and still am) getting over the flu, while at the same time I was preparing for CLCV’s big fundraising event (which really went well, but very well could be the last of its style. It was a sit-down dinner with an hour or two of people talking, as opposed to a cocktail party-type atmosphere that maximizes schmooze time; that may be more what the people want). And now this week we had a couple budget-related staffing changes, a big strategery meeting (yes, I said “strategery”), and I’m still getting over the flu. I also have lots of Brainwash-related stuff to do.