I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.

other projects

This will be updated from time to time. (It hadn’t been updated in five years, as of February, 2012. Sheesh. I guess I kind of forgot it was here.)

Here I am on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve written a very small number of reviews on Yelp.

I occasionally volunteer my time with Brainwash Movies in scenic west Oakland, California. It is run in a totally mediocre fashion (giving it a ton of indie cred) by the enigmatic impresario Shelby Toland.

Here are a few words about my CafePress shop. Visit it if you’d like to buy poorly made t-shirts with the random ideas that come into my head (or the ideas I steal from others) printed on them. The women’s t-shirt on the site was from the whim of one of my old friends on a bulletin board (and a feature on the McSweeney’s web site). Sorry for stealing your idea, guys. I think it falls under “fair use,” right? I’ll donate my non-existent profits to 826 Valencia. A more detailed “artist’s statement,” for lack of a better term, appears on the storefront.

You could buy me something, if you’d like.

More later.

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