Wow, 11 days between new anti-blog entries [pre-anti-blog/news merge]; that’s a record so far.

Some other nifty design stuff can “fill the hole” for now: I recently read an article on the aforementioned A List Apart that purported to be an analysis of web trends for the year 2000, but really it was a glorified hotlist (just like this anti-blog). From what I could tell they were nifty sites. [If I spent more time writing this I could come up with more descriptive adjectives than “nifty”—sorry.]

Another cool site——deftly merges natural photography and technology, as Adobe puts it. Gotta have Flash 5 to view it.

Soon I promise I’ll do some thinking. Maybe my trip to SF will be mentally stimulating. Future issues will include adjectives and why webloggers refer to themselves as “we.”

* * *

The trip is really happening—Thursday night Amber and I are boarding the “Empire Builder” (not very PC, is it?) and connecting to the “Coast Starlight” in Portland.

We’re excited. More later.