Reorg: Here’s what I have done to the site today. I’ve separated out the increasingly unwieldy anti-blog into palatable, bite-size, month-long chunks.

Sure makes it look like I haven’t done much. I’m also about to interweave the “news/newest” section entries into these entries. There’s no sense having two essentially identical sections.

In web news, uh… why was Stanley Ian Letovsky’s otherwise ordinary page the most popular link on Backflip today? Sure, he’s the director of Informatics at the Genome Database, but he wasn’t in the news or anything, as far as I can tell….

Yes, I just started using Backflip yesterday… I now have 7 browsers on 3 computers that I use regularly, so I figured a bookmarking solution was in order. [How does a site like that survive, by the way? Ad revenue alone? Come on.]

Now that I think about it, there is something vaguely sinister about a big database containing everyone’s genetic code — or everyone’s Internet bookmarks, for that matter. All that data in the wrong hands could lead to evil.