Nothing, really. Ran across another site (via Joe Clark) by some guy who just moved to France, from Canada: Cardigan Industries, and his weblog, Textism.

WordSpy—a site devoted to neologisms, one of my obscure interests—is also an amusing site I visit from time to time. The person who runs the site (Paul McFedries) also has one of them there new-fangled anagram makers: family fun for everyone. Some of the better rearrangements of the letters in my full name (Jason Lee Gohlke) are:

  • Shaken ego Jell-O
  • Leno’s Helga joke
  • Jangle eel hooks
  • Joe’s elk halogen
  • “Galleon,” he jokes.
  • etc.

Me, on May 2nd, 2001, to myself: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, weblog.” While it may not be true, it is worth considering.