Thought I’d check in.

Took my first yoga class yesterday. Nick accused me of being a yuppie because of that. I said I was doing it for my health, and he replied, “Yeah, so are all the yuppies.”

The shock is gradually wearing off, I think, as routines return. I actually think the government’s response so far to the terrorist attacks has been pretty appropriate. My worries—which actually are many—include my fear that the U.S. might get mired in some kind of endless struggle, or one that has the potential to escalate into, oh, I don’t know, “mutual assured destruction.” Not to mention my worry that they might take away too many of our individual rights—our freedoms—along the way. I mean, “our freedoms” were cited by Bush as one of the reasons the terrorists hate us; so why should we be giving (for example) law enforcement expanded rights to wiretap us? It’s a slippery slope.