“I’m paying in pain. And in dollars.”

I wonder if anyone in the Bush administration has read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I went to the peace rally in San Francisco this past Sunday. It was pretty great to see so many people there—apparently even more than the last time. I actually spent most of the time I was there (about 3 hours) sitting at the CLCV table. I got there about 3 or 4 hours after my co-worker Josh did. We (and Sara & Betty Jane, two other people I work with) handed out 1,000 “Action Alerts” asking people to call Gov. Davis (very much a freak) and ask him to sign a particular environmental bill (AB 10x) that would require that polluting companies actually pay fees to fund environmental cleanup programs. In a more perfect world, of course, they already would.

Funny, reading the analysis of the bill, I discovered that such luminous entities such as the National Aerosol Association and Sherwin-Williams (you know, “Cover the Earth“) have registered their formal opposition to the bill. That’s practically reason enough to support it.

I also hurt my back again the other day. No big deal. I think it’ll slowly get better again. I ordered an extra foam pad to put on top of my (inadequate) futon. My advice: don’t buy a cheap futon mattress, because you’ll pay for it later. In my case, I’m paying in pain. And in dollars (which I don’t have). Ow.

I’ve recently begun reading Divorce Your Car! (reviews here), a book I bought when I lived in Minneapolis but never quite got around to reading until now. (Obviously, getting rid of my car is a much more practical idea for me now that I live in the East Bay rather than chilly, public-transportation-challenged Minneapolis.) I’m thinking about it. But how will I make those late-night grocery and fast food runs? I hate to admit it, but I’m beginning to think that the idea of “planning ahead” is just the slightest bit foreign to me.


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  1. Strangely enough, that same futon plus the Isotonic foam pad I ordered back then ($150 very well-spent) are still working for me to this day, and I haven’t had major back pain in a long time.

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