Funny or not?

I believe that I have a unique “sense” of “humor,” as do many people. (That sentence is true in both ways you can interpret it: Many people believe that they have a unique and beautiful sense of what’s funny; and many people believe that I have a unique outlook on phenomena which are humorous.)

So it occurs to me that I should document what I’m talking about. Nick at one time kept up a list of things that suck. In the exact opposite spirit, I will now start a list of things I think are funny. I’ll create a separate page for it at some point soon, but for now I’ll just use this blog entry.

For example, here’s one:

  • A tearaway business suit that reveals another, different business suit.

I think there’s real potential here for me to document what I think is funny.

Feel free, by the way, to suggest things in the comments section, and I will respond by telling you not whether I think they’re funny or not, since that is a lower bar than I mean to set here, but rather whether I think they exemplify my own unique brand of humor.


I don’t know how I missed this



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  1. And that’s the problem with trying to be funny on demand. Pressure destroys humor.

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