as a Libertarian… and he has some interesting things to say about the two major parties.

I find it very interesting and very revealing to hear a Southern Republican former Congressman (and Reagan appointee!) say this about the party he was in for decades:

The one thing that matters to Republicans above all else and to the exclusion of virtually everything else — other than raising money — is to elect people to office and keep people in office.

Principle and substance has no longer anything to do with what the party stands for, particularly at the national level.

He also touches on the fact that the “Democrat” [sic] Party has “fallen into the same trap: the trap of incumbency.”

This isn’t the original video I posted when I wrote this blog entry, but close enough:

My hope is that Barack Obama can win the presidency outright in November strictly on merit, and I think that’s eminently possible. I’m not a fan of dirty tricks. And in the current political context, any iffy stuff might just backfire on whoever is doing it. (Case in point: Hillary Clinton.)

But, frankly, anything that will take votes away from John McCain — especially perhaps in Florida — is a good thing. This is a potential game-changer in November.