Month: July 2008

East Bay Express: Get Your Brain Washed

Check out today’s East Bay Express Brainwash writeup!

From the review:

In the ensuing years, Krzysik worked hard to ensure the cult status of Brainwash. He’s tried to perpetuate a myth that festival director Shelby Toland is actually an alien — one of a strange foreign race that have infiltrated this planet in search of movies “that are less boring than what they have abroad.” He’s given the festival a sense of ritual, in that it begins with an invocation and culminates with an awards presentation in which all honorees get bowling trophies (along with more valuable prizes such as Gorilla Film Production software).

If we’re not exactly “respected,” we’re certainly notable!

comics & illustration

“Will the New Yorker give equal time to unfair McCain smears?”

Ira Glass on getting creative work done


Snorg Tees. These are cute.

Chicks Dig Moneyball

Boobs for Barack (the site was down, last I checked)

Links of the day

Interrogating Errol Morris

Heartbreaking Kerry ads by Errol Morris (and about the Interrotron)

Random interview with a cable car brakeman

John Milton reading room

Brainwash Movie Festival – July 25th & 26th – Oakland

Check out the mildly embarrassing trailer Dave and I updated last night for the 14th Annual Drive-in/Walk-in/Bike-in Brainwash Movie Festival (7/25-26, 9 pm-11 pm, 1357 5th St in Oakland, $9 each night):

Oops, no longer available:

[hmm, I wonder if I still have copies of these on an external hard drive that happens to still work]

I know, it’s all over the place, to put it mildly. But it establishes the precise level of quality and weirdness Brainwash has honed over the last thirteen-plus years.

(The old version had previews of movies from previous years instead of this year.)

I encourage you to come to the festival if you’re anywhere near the Bay Area. This year we’re featuring a solid crop of weird and funny shorts (none longer than 23 minutes), often with the famed “Brainwash twist” — and it’s a good deal. Bring your FM radio, and feel free to drive in, walk in (via BART, most likely), or bike in.

[We could also use help setting up the screen…. let me know if you’re interested in some hard physical labor (with the offer of free dinner and/or pizza during or afterwards). Looks like it’s going to be Tuesday night after work. The more the merrier.]

There’s lots more at

Twitterfeed is go.

Okay, well, now I’m giving myself a reason to have a Twitter account, and for anyone to follow me on Twitter: As of now, this humble blog’s feed is now going to be pushed to Twitter via twitterfeed. It only makes sense. (Method copied shamelessly from Aziz.)

Just in time for Netroots Nation.

Driving alone at 2 am at the Mall of America — on Christmas

So I’m finally posting this raw footage, roughly cut together, from the very end of my trip to Minneapolis at Christmas 2006. Enjoy?

I was very tired.

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