I wonder how many more times John McCain is going to say, “I know how to do that,” or refer back to the ’80s, or say “my friends” tonight. 6:27pm

I think I just heard McCain call Obama “that one.” 6:50pm

Uh, oh, here it comes. 7:14pm

I can’t believe he pulled out the “a ‘K,’ a ‘G,’ and a ‘B'” line again! It was lame the first time. 7:20pm

(Maybe he forgot he said it last time.) 7:21pm

I think you, too, should check out the comments on FoxNews.com. You decide. 7:42pm

I laugh at Pat Buchanan claiming McCain came in with “more heart, and more fight”. MSNBC’s token Republican. At least he’s repeating “Bomb, bomb Iran”…. 7:44pm

I am wondering why Brian Williams just said on NBC that there’s “one month” left until the election, when it’s FOUR WEEKS from now on November 4th. (Not a month!) 8:00pm

(I think Tom Brokaw said it at the end of the debate as well, actually…) – 8:01pm

I am done liveblogging (livestatusmessaging?) the debate, to the relief of all, my friends. 8:01p

*(this material originally appeared in a slightly modified form on Facebook)