Just so you know, California voter registration deadlines are coming up. Here’s what I posted at work yesterday (yes, this is shameless):

It’s a critical year for environmental voters to get out and vote on November 4th! Here are this year’s voter registration deadlines in California, which are coming up soon.

  • The big one: You must register to vote by October 20 in order to vote in the November 4th election.
  • If you want to register as an absentee (i.e. vote-by-mail) voter, you must do so by October 28. (Get more info on voting by mail from the California Secretary of State’s office.)
  • If you are an absentee/vote-by-mail voter, you should mail your ballot by at least October 31 (it must arrive by 8 pm on November 4th, when the polls close).
  • Though we don’t encourage you to procrastinate, sometimes election day sneaks up unexpectedly. If you hold onto your ballot too long, that’s okay — you can drop off your ballot at your Registrar of Voters office anytime, or at your polling place on the day of the election. (Your polling place is on the voter information packet you should be receiving in the mail, or you can find out through the Secretary of State’s office.)
  • If you somehow lose your ballot, or your official yellow vote-by-mail envelope (and though I hate to admit it, I’ve done it), you can go to the polls on election day and cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted when it is verified that you didn’t vote by mail.

There’s a lot more information for voters available from the Secretary of State’s office.

I added a little pitch for money, which I don’t really need to duplicate here…. 🙂