I’m too angry to write about this, but I can’t let it go without note.

I’ll leave it to the esteemed Glenn Greenwald to explain the Bush-era documents that the Obama administration released yesterday detailing the regime of secret laws and memos the Bush administration used to rule the country (you know, instead of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights).

Greenwald writes:

It’s somewhat surreal to witness — now that George Bush is out of office — the avalanche of establishment media reports suddenly acknowledging today, rather explicitly, how radical and lawless his presidency was, as though we only learned of that this week with the release of these memos. As the commenters to Michael Scherer’s Time post point out, there were people who have spent the last several years documenting that and trying to sound the alarm over it, yet were largely dismissed as shrill unSerious partisan “leftists” and “civil liberties extremists.” I suppose it’s acceptable to observe these facts now that Bush is no longer the President (this happened in the “past”) and the evidence for all of it is rubbed so unavoidably in our faces that denial is no longer possible.