I have to close a few tabs on my browser, so:

How the Government Dealt With Past Recessions, NYT, 1/26/09 (nice infographic)

The Daily Me, Nicholas Kristof, NYT, 3/18/09 (“[T]he public is increasingly seeking its news not from mainstream television networks or ink-on-dead-trees but from grazing online.”)

What LinkedIn’s Reorganization and OFA 2.0 Means for Politech Online, Fred Gooltz, hat tip to Matt Lockshin

Grist: Toward a less efficient and more robust food system

Thomas Friedman’s Latest Column Is an Outright Disaster, David Roberts of Grist. Topic: climate change legislation. Hilarious, angry, and yet right on.

Eight Characteristics of Leadership

EPIC 2014 – a future history thing about the death of the print media from a few years ago, by Robin Sloan currently of Current TV

“Honesty breeds interest”, about designer Stefan Sagmeister — from a Belfast designer who seems really talented, David Airey.

I haven’t necessarily read this stuff, or if I have I haven’t formulated many thoughts about it, but I’d like to.