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If you need any more incentive to give to Barack Obama

Miranda and Carrie
Miranda July and Carrie Brownstein have thoughtfully compiled a (mildly humorous) range of choices for how to contribute to Barack Obama, including the option of purchasing up to three videos produced eight years ago for $10 a piece (which will then be contributed directly back to Obama).

I say, right on.


Miranda July is amazing.

So is zefrank, but in a totally different way.

I also added a couple projects to my cafepress page (link in navbar) and even ordered a couple of them. Hmmm.

Oh, shoot! Happy Birthday, Ruthie! I really probably should have planned something for my niece’s fifth birthday but I’m too darn wrapped up in myself to plan ahead. Also, she’s 2,724 miles away at the moment. Crap.

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