I was looking for last Friday’s A List Apart—Do you do web design? If yes, read A List Apart religiously! Anyway, it wasn’t there—Zeldman is at SXSW in Austin. [Why didn’t I go?]

However, he left several nice breadcrumbs in lieu of an issue. One of which is a link to the 5k, a contest for the best web design below 5,120 bytes. I’ll enter—why not? [Deadline: Sunday, April 8, 7 pm CDT.]

* * *

Hey hey—we bought the train tickets and Amber & I will be gone March 29 through April 8!

Snow this morning. SNOW. It’s been falling since last night, and is falling as I write this. Why do I live here?

You may have noticed: No portfolio yet. I’ve been working on bringing everything into Photoshop from Illustrator, Quark, and PageMaker. It’s all coming together.