Cover for unfinished novel 'A Question of Aaron'

Since I’ve all but finally decided on a title, I designed the book cover. I went through some of my photos and found a couple perfect candidates. After mocking up two covers, I settled on one. I’m amazed how quickly I designed it. (2021 addendum: In retrospect, maybe I enjoy designing book covers more than writing fiction.)

I’m starting to like the title more and more, by the way.

A quick inventory shows that, so far, I have one title, zero words written (as the rules dictate, of course), one vague outline, three ill-defined characters, and a slickly designed book cover. I’m ready to start writing in roughly 17 1/2 hours, sure.

The sun is up. D’oh! (I’ll make an effort to avoid the word “D’oh!” in my novel.)

[Note: this blog entry originally appeared in my November 2002 NaNoWriMo blog, “Notes on the Text.” I’ve now moved all of those entries into the “Imagine a Novel Weblog” category of this blog.]